Simply put: I love butterflies. They are by far one of the most fun crafts to make. I whipped up a few out of beads, sequins, wire, nylons, paint, and cellophane.


Type One:

Here is my take on the traditional wire/nylon butterfly. I took a thicker gauge wire and wrapped it into a butterfly shape. Then I covered it with nylon (cut from plain white l’eggs knee highs, $0.30 at Walmart) and sewed beads and sequins in the center. For the finishing touches I dusted glitter on the wings, and brushed the  white nylon with ink from different colored stamp pads I had. I love the way they came out.

butterfly collagebutterfly lineup 2

Type Two:

Next I tried my hands at a cellophane butterfly craft. This one proved harder to master. It turns out cellophane doesn’t melt or become sticky when heated, so I had to resort to gluing it onto the wire frame. For these butterflies I used a thinner gauge wire, shaped it into wings, and laid the frame on a sheet of cellophane. Then I covered it with a pretty thick layer of colored glue, homemade out of food coloring, elmers glue and water. Last, I dusted with glitter.

the making of plastic butterfly

When the glue was dry, I cut out the butterfly and wound up with a pretty neat, not to mention sparkly, bauble. I don’t think the photo accurately captures how awesome these look, but you can get a sense of the final product.

plastic butterfly


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