Chiffon & Felt Flowers (Tutorial)

flower collage

I needed something to jazz up the t-shirts, leotards, and tutus the kids will be wearing for dance recitals and theater costumes. A quick glance at pinterest (which turned into the customary hours upon hours) lead me to the simple, glam and elegant fabric flower. I even made an entire board dedicated to tutorials and inspiration – be sure to check out my pin board for Paper & Fabric Flowers here. I looked over a lot of tutorials but nothing grabbed me. So I decided to make up my own pattern.

Here’s the finished product:

Finished t-shirts

I made the flower snap to the shirt so it’s removable. That way whatever t-shirt or leotard it’s embellishing can still be washed in the machine without ruining my creation.


Step one: Draw and cut out a simple flower pattern.

Step two: Pin your pattern to a piece of colored felt and start cutting.

Step three: Layer tulle, chiffon, or any pretty fabric you like over the felt, and cut it out too.


Step four: Add a few extra layers of  scrap tulle, chiffon, or other pretty fabric and stitch together.

Step five: Add a few sequins nestled in among the petals.


Step six: (Optional) Sew a snap on the back of your flower, and the other half onto your garment.

I made a ton of different ones. It was really fun to experiment with colors, fabrics, and sparkly baubles to make each flower unique. They really dress up the kids’ costumes!


But Flowers weren’t the only element I added to these shirts – you’ll notice I also mixed in some rhinestones to add a little more color and sparkle. I used puffy paint to attach the rhinestones to the shirt. I think this should stand up to the wash, fingers crossed! Oh, and remember to place a piece of plastic (grocery bag, plastic wrap, ziploc, or even plastic packing materials) inside your garment so the puffy paint doesn’t seep through and glue the front and back together. I nearly made that mistake once – thank goodness I caught it in time!


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