No-Sew Tutus: Take Two

Well, I found I needed some more tutus for the kids. This time I experimented with a new color palate and oh boy, did it turn out well!

tutu collage I started with the usual ingredients: elastic and tulle. The elastic was one I found at JoAnn’s: blue! I have been looking for colored elastic for a decade now, this is the first time I’ve seen it in stores. No more dyeing elastic for this crafter!


Let’s talk cost: The elastic was a couple bucks with a coupon, regularly $3.99 for 3 yards. Tulle is $4-5 for a spool of 25 yards, or $1-3 per yard if you cut it off the bolt. These tutus, I think, averaged to about $5 worth of materials each. But my gosh, the time it took me! I don’t know how etsy-ers can sell them for $20-30/each and earn more than a nickel an hour. Maybe I haven’t been doing this long enough to get quite fast yet, but it took me a full day (or a day and a half) to make the first five.

These tutus were designed to fit 2-3 year olds, so they’re a little smaller overall than the first batch I made. 18″ waist and roughly 10″ length.

Step one: I cut the elastic into pieces about 20″ long, then sewed them together with some overlap, making an 18″ waistband.

Step two: Some of my tulle was spooled, other was by the yard cut off a bolt. For the spools, I simply cut strips 20″ long. For the yardage, I cut strips roughly 4-6″ x 20″.

Step three: I folded the tulle over the waistband and tied thread around each piece to secure it. I know this is a slower way, but again, I prefer the look to knotted or looped. I talk more about my technique in my earlier blog post, “No-Sew Tutus” – check it out for detailed instruction. 

tutu demonstration

Voila! Tutu.

But I needed some bling for these. Enter the chiffon flower.


How does it look?


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