Digital Scrap

I am a scrapbooking addict! For the sake of making it useful (I feel guilty if I’m doing a craft that’s purely for fun) I like to use my scrapping skills to make greeting cards. Recently I discovered digital scrap. It’s like scrapbooking, but cheaper. I didn’t have an excuse to get started on it, until I revamped our website, 

My inspiration came, as always, from Pinterest. I devoted a page to digital scrap, which you can check out here. After ample time admiring the work of others, I decided to dive in. I have adobe illustrator (surprisingly affordable; the entire creative suite is $30/month) so step one was to collect a bunch of free vector doodles from sites like Different contributors have different rules about your use of their designs, so be sure to read their requests carefully. I’m pretty familiar with illustrator, but by no means an expert, so this was as much of a learning process as anything. Here’s some of what I came up with:

what isOn our homepage,

I chose a cute photo of a boy and girl to adorn. All the photos were taken in our dance & theatre classes, by yours truly. This photo has been lightly instagrammed with a program called Pixlr. I took apart several vector images and reassembled them into a cool background using Adobe Illustrator.

dance programFrom our Partnering page.

The moroccan designs behind this picture I made myself. It was pretty time consuming, but isn’t everything? This photo of a beautiful little ballerina was edited using the program Fotor. (Which I love!)

theater programAnd from our Theater Program page.

This one was really fun for me. It’s a photo of one of our audiences! The only pic we have on our site taken, not by me, but by a professional photographer. I had a great time choosing a color palette and adding details, like the shadows added to the flowers to give them some dimension.

In the bottom left corner is our logo, a rearing, bejeweled blue elephant. I designed our logo using illustrator, then painted it in photoshop. I think it’s just beautiful – I’m very proud of it!

I’m crazy about digital scrap! It gives creative expression to the artist in me, and lets the perfectionist in me micromanage until everything is pixel perfect. I look forward to using this excuse to scrap more often!


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