Golden Elephants

Ready to hear the synopsis of the cutest play in the world?

The King of Castle Forsooth finds himself selling his most precious treasure, a golden elephant statuette. But the princess, her best friend, their nefarious castle sorcerer, and a couple of cunning jewel thieves each have different plans for this valued heirloom. And none of them expect to be booted out of the castle by Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who scheme to use Castle Forsooth to save Friar Tuck from the Sheriff’s clutches. Join these characters (and more) for drama, comedy, dance and song.

Time to make some golden elephants! The play requires two statuettes: one “real” and one “counterfeit.”

My inspiration was a beautiful ceramic elephant, given to me as a gift by a friend after visiting India. It’s a bit more fragile than I’d choose for a prop, so rather than lend it out, I decided to recreate its beauty in a sturdier form.

I came across a beautifully perfect elephant statuette on my trip to Hawaii, but the ticket price was $50. Our budget priorities are first and foremost: scholarships for the kids. Props take a backseat, I’m afraid. So I came home and bought a couple mini-elephant statues at Ross, for $7 each. Not sure what they’re made out of, but I’m guessing resin or some such material. (They’re not wood, cheap plastic, metal, clay or glass. What does that leave?)

Now it’s time for some gold spray paint.

2014-02-05 23_Fotor4_Fotor_Collaged

The top left photo shows the gold spray paint in its original color, sans photo filters. If you spray something with Rust-oleum gold spray paint, that’s the color you’ll get. The other two pictures (bottom left, and far right) I had fun with on Instagram. You know, just to liven things up.

The color came out really great and I would highly recommend this brand of spray paint to anyone seeking a golden finish. But be careful of your hands!

2014-02-05 23_Fotor_CollagehandsI was not.

Next I busted out the big guns: puffy paint, hot glue, rhinestones, nail polish and glitter. I spent way too much time choosing a color scheme and sorting rhinestones to death, but what can I say? I’ve always been a thoroughly meticulous crafter.


When they’re not in use, these babies decorate the top of the Ikea “kallax” shelves that line my craft room. I’m crazy about how they turned out.



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