Sun & Moon Prop

We’re setting sail with pirates and mermaids this year, and we need lots of great set pieces to go along with our adventure. One piece is a reversible sun and moon:

I started with a foam circle from Michaels…


…and some fun, printed faux leather scraps I found at FabMo.


Add hot glue and you’ve got a reversible, two-sided Sun & Moon prop.

For the moon-side, I laid out the scraps before I even warmed up my glue gun, pinning them to the foam with sewing pins. I would recommend that, so you don’t get too much waste, and you can make sure it’s all perfect and there aren’t any mistakes.

IMG_1910_FotorOn the sun-side I got impatient and started gluing without laying them out ahead of time. I got a lot more waste, and wound up ripping half of it off and starting over again. So yes, I recommend planning before you start gluing!


I’m really happy with how it turned out!

IMG_1923_Fotor_CollageI made this myself, but it could potentially be a great project for kids. (Substitute elmers for hot glue, of course.) I think I’ll have my students use this technique with brown scraps to make the bark on a tree. Or use metallic scraps to act as scales on a monster costume. The ideas are endless!


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