Mermaid Costume

In 2014, we did a play about pirates and mermaids. I paired a mermaid belt, ocean themed flowers, and a long chiffon skirt with a jeweled tank top. Recently, I’ve been on a bodice-making kick, and I decided to add my own handmade lace-up bodice to complete the ensemble.


The skirt is just a square of chiffon (chosen for its drape) sewn in a tube with elastic at the top. The length should be taken from your child’s measurements, but the width is easy: whatever width the fabric is! 44″, 60″, 54″ – they all looked roughly the same. Easy-peasy! The hems are burned (as I love to do) rather than sewn, because I’m not great at sewing chiffon, and I don’t have a serger. In the show, the girls wore little nylon shorts (hand-dyed to match) under the skirts so they weren’t see-through. The overall effect was really nice.

The belt was taken from an adult’s belly-dance pattern by Simplicity, and modified to fit kids.


I made the flowers myself, by painting white polyester with manga markers to create a water color effect, cutting the fabric into circles of varying circumference, and burning the edges to a curl. I added a few beads to the center of the flowers, and hot glued pins to the back, so they can be moved anywhere on the costume. Some of the flowers are glued to clips and placed in the girls hair. Finally, I made a couple ocean themed elastic necklaces to accessorize the ensemble.  Simply stunning, if I do say so myself!

These were the costumes as I had them before:

Mermaids show 2

The girls wore simple hand-dyed camisoles with jewels glued along the neckline. Still very pretty, but I think I like my own more.

And here were our pirates!


I made their shirts by hand, but I do NOT recommend this. Goodness, how time consuming. I spent days on just a few shirts. But still, it was a fun costume to put together.

Aren’t pirates and mermaids so much fun!?


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